Sleep Drawing

A couple weeks back I woke up in the middle of the night, quickly scribbled down this sketch and fell back to sleep:


I awoke the next morning with only a vague recollection of my nighttime doodle. But what did it mean? Why was it so important for me to remember? Did it have something to do with being safe? Getting carried away with safety? Just what was Sleeping Carey trying to tell Awake Carey?

After a few days of scratching my head, I though “Well, I don’t know what it means but let’s see what I can do with it.” So this project had no client, no deadline and no product to sell. It’s just something I worked on after-hours whenever I could steal a little the time. It’s safe to say I did it for no particular reason.


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Remote Control

Busy times here at CJGA but we want to do a quick followup on a set of illustrations we created late last year for Remote Learner.

Remote Learner has recently launched a new division to market their e-learning services for government agencies in the UK and Ireland and needed a new illustration that quickly says ‘Government’ and ‘British isles.’ With the entire set of graphics our goal was to quickly tell their ‘story’ in an abstract business editorial style that speaks to big ideas.

UK Government

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Technically Speaking

Our client, a manufacturer of industrial vacuum hose fittings and bearing cases, needed a quick set technical drawings to use in trade show materials. The parts were still in development so they had nothing to show to potential buyers. The challenge was that they needed a full set of graphics by the next morning.

The only imagery they had were a set of ugly low-resolution CAD drawings from the factory. Not very compelling stuff for their sales force. That’s where we were called in to help. Due to the technical nature of the products there was no room for error. They need them right and they needed the now!

Always up for a challenge, we dove in with both feet and created two sets of drawings entirely as vector art for maximum flexibility at all sizes and in any applications. The first set in wireframe style was created for technical applications such as spec sheets. The second set in a gradient style is for applications where the product needed to appear tangible.

Another day, another tight deadline, another satisfied client.

Set A: Vector Wireframes



Set B: Vector Gradients



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A Remote Possibility

This is a set of illustrations we created for another internet technology company named Remote Learner. They specialize in designing, implementing, hosting and supporting online education programs for scholastic, higher-education, corporate and government clients. They needed a set of graphics to help tell their story in an engaging manor. Our goal from the outset was to create a simple visual language with reoccurring elements for instant readability. Yet we didn’t want the final graphics to be to literal. They needed to live with one foot in the abstract business editorial world. The final style we developed combines sharp geometric shapes with a consistent cohesive color pallet overlapping organic painterly textures for to create a sense of place where “big solutions” live.


Diagnostics and support

Curriculum Design

Moodle Training

Perpetual e-Learning Solutions


Higher Education



The Remote Learner Difference

What We Do for Our Clients


What We Do for Our Clients

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Get There from Here

This is a group of quick business editorial style illustrations we created for the Alternative Board who provide business improvement advisory and consulting services. The concept for the illustrations is based on the idea of “There” as an idyllic mythical place where your business should be. The graphics express getting “There,” steering your business “There,” and building your business “There.”

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Good Things Come in Small Packages

This was a CD package we recently created for Nashville recording artist Joshua Pessar.

Josh came to us with a title, One Man Entourage, and a set of beautiful photos taken at a small Nashville music club full of rich local flavor. We listened to his music and heard some elements which felt warm, familiar and rooted in tradition. Additionally there are other musical elements that definitely feel sharp, new and exciting. It’s good ol’ rock’n’roll with something new to say. This balance of old and new is where we drew our inspiration and the direction we ultimately chose.

We instinctively knew this project deepened on giving viewers visual cues about the music contained inside. Since the music is personal, we needed to convey a feeling. So we began the project by combining all the photos to create an entire honky-tonk barroom full of Joshes which expresses the One Man Entourage title. We then gave the photo a sepia duotone tint to convey an emotional warmth and tell viewers this is something that will feel familiar. We then contrasted that with a bright vibrant orange to express an energy and unexpected element which coexists with tradition. This contrasting concept continued throughout with the sharp, crisp and contemporary graphic elements which hint at something old.

At the end of the day Josh was happy and satisfied and we’re always pleased to work with a good client on a fun project.

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