When you walk down the street and see a brown panel truck, do you think UPS? What about a yellow moving van or a green tractor? When you go to the soda aisle and see the color red, what brand comes to mind? These are really powerful examples of brand colors that we all encounter multiple times every day. No matter what industry your in, you can use color to keep your business in the front of your customers’ minds and differentiate you from your competition.

Now obviously you’ll never own a color like red, blue or green but you can own it within your market. If you own a landscaping business and all your competition has mismatched white trucks, you’ll stand out by having your’s be blue. Carry that blue across to your uniforms, website and advertising and you have recognizable brand continuity. The goal is to have customers immediately identify your company before they have time to think. We’re talking wham-bam first impressions even before they get a chance to see your logo.

Today I gave myself a challenge. I went to my local supermarket, took off my glasses so I couldn’t identify any logos and glanced down every aisle trying to find brands that owned a color within the context of similar products. It’s really surprising how easy it is to buy exactly what you want by color alone.

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