I wanted to post these to show a bit of our methods so anyone interested in working with a designer for the first time might know what they might expect.

Design is a process and there are usually several phases to a given project which refine a design so it will serve the client’s needs. These can include a first round conceptual phase, multiple rounds of revisions and final production of finished art. We’re going to focus here on the very first stage: the conceptual phase.

When working on advertising, marketing campaigns or strategic messaging the first round it’s all about conveying ideas. At the very beginning of this type of project we’ll often pitch numerous concepts for a client to choose from. Budgets almost never allow us to do full computer designs with photo shoots or full illustrations for each concept so we’ll present sketches. These aren’t works of art, they are quickly done comps with just enough visual detail to help a client decide on a direction. They’re made to elicit discussion and help develop specifics. Elements like body text, color or fonts which might distract or influence the client are not included. At this point we’re only selling the idea and leaving the details to be sorted out later.

So here is a little peek behind the curtain for a fairly typical advertising pitch:

* The above images are actual client work but the company name has been changed

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