This is a batch of work we recently created for the first company to develop large scale Kenaf growing operations in the US and innovative usage-specific products from the plant fibers. Kenaf is a “wonder plant” in the Hibiscus family who’s usage dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Until recently it’s been relatively unknown outside of Asia. It literally has hundreds of uses in the consumer, industrial and agricultural sectors. It’s fibers can be used to make fabric, engineered wood, insulation, fiberglass, vegetables oil, paper, fertilizer, pesticide, plant mulch and absorbents to clean up oil spills and industrial leaks. It’s a hardy plant that requires few pesticides and has a triannual growing cycle making it more cost effective, environmentally friendly and replenishable than traditional materials. Recent US Navy studies found that Kenaf is the most absorbent natural material on earth. This revolutionary plant is poised to be a key component in the “Green Revolution” and since it is not tied to the commodities market, it’s price stability makes it especially attractive as a component material for product manufacturers.

To help our client establish their brand as a key player in the green industry we developed a hierarchical suite of brand identities which function together as a family. Because their products are used in such diverse applications, we felt an abstract graphic mark consisting of rings was the most appropriate way represent the company. Once the brand marks were refined, we carried them across to a line of product packaging which function together retain while individualality within sub brands. And finally, we worked closely with their web development team to created a group of illustrations for to educate both corporate and consumer consumers on the benefits of their product line.

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