Here’s another identity project we recently completed which illustrates what we can deliver on a limited budget.

Stephen McRae Construction stands apart from a myriad of other builders because of their attention to detail and their unmatched craftsmanship. Their old logo did not reflect the premium quality of their work nor speak to the refined, subtle tastes of their high-end cliental.

Rather than a simple logo project, we needed to help them build an integrated brand that expressed their core values and spoke to an upscale target audience. We felt the “shouting billboard” style identity used throughout the industry was overplayed. To set Stephen McRae Construction apart, We sought to create a new logo mark which functioned like a designer label, proudly place on finished construction projects like a stamp of excellence.

Our final design is simple yet recognizable and unique. Subtle yet confident. We integrated the letter M with the stylized architectural detail of a Doric Column. We finished it all off with a customized font which expresses a precise and contemporary feel.

    I’m getting lots of compliments on the business cards and the new logo. You were able to come up with the perfect logo for my business even though I was only able to give you a vague idea of what I wanted. Thanks for all your hard work and creativity.

    Stephen McRae

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