This was a CD package we recently created for Nashville recording artist Joshua Pessar.

Josh came to us with a title, One Man Entourage, and a set of beautiful photos taken at a small Nashville music club full of rich local flavor. We listened to his music and heard some elements which felt warm, familiar and rooted in tradition. Additionally there are other musical elements that definitely feel sharp, new and exciting. It’s good ol’ rock’n’roll with something new to say. This balance of old and new is where we drew our inspiration and the direction we ultimately chose.

We instinctively knew this project deepened on giving viewers visual cues about the music contained inside. Since the music is personal, we needed to convey a feeling. So we began the project by combining all the photos to create an entire honky-tonk barroom full of Joshes which expresses the One Man Entourage title. We then gave the photo a sepia duotone tint to convey an emotional warmth and tell viewers this is something that will feel familiar. We then contrasted that with a bright vibrant orange to express an energy and unexpected element which coexists with tradition. This contrasting concept continued throughout with the sharp, crisp and contemporary graphic elements which hint at something old.

At the end of the day Josh was happy and satisfied and we’re always pleased to work with a good client on a fun project.

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