Our client, a manufacturer of industrial vacuum hose fittings and bearing cases, needed a quick set technical drawings to use in trade show materials. The parts were still in development so they had nothing to show to potential buyers. The challenge was that they needed a full set of graphics by the next morning.

The only imagery they had were a set of ugly low-resolution CAD drawings from the factory. Not very compelling stuff for their sales force. That’s where we were called in to help. Due to the technical nature of the products there was no room for error. They need them right and they needed the now!

Always up for a challenge, we dove in with both feet and created two sets of drawings entirely as vector art for maximum flexibility at all sizes and in any applications. The first set in wireframe style was created for technical applications such as spec sheets. The second set in a gradient style is for applications where the product needed to appear tangible.

Another day, another tight deadline, another satisfied client.

Set A: Vector Wireframes



Set B: Vector Gradients



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